jumping on the hate train

Hey Laoda! What’s up? Sorry for random night msg.

I think I just crossed over a stage in this 2 months no contact thing with A, it’s been about a month and a week I realized so many things that were just plain not right in the relationship. In hindsight, I can see clearly so many things I wasn’t willing to put up with, how he displayed so many redflaggy behaviours and i ignored them all at the expense of a false hope of a false future. I don’t know what happened to my zen self, it’s hard to be calm when you are hit in the face with reality of your own realization. My own realization of how much he didn’t deserve me and how much I didn’t love him but just stayed out of complacency and false hope. I was thinking of contacting the jerk after 2 months but not anymore. He ain’t worth even a fraction of a second.


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